Flags (and other short stories)

 The Flags became a sort of diary, expressing thoughts about personal and global events. They are the banners of the fictional, non-physical place of Motherland. They were part of a group show
Mother(Land) for Currents #9 at Z33 House for Contemporary Art(BE).
Curated by Lieneke Hulshof and Fenne Saedt in collaboration with Marres and FLACC. 
Also shown at K.L.8 in Brussels(BE), KUNSTpause Zug (CH), Morpho Antwerp (BE) and 25th Gabrovo Biennial (BG). The Flags received the prize of the Costume Design Department by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, and this year the flag "Wannabe Slav" received the Emerging Artist Award at the 25th Gabrovo Biennial.


Embroidery and appliques with found/collected fabrics

Various sizes

Installation view at Z33 House for Contemporary Art, Design & Architecture

2022, Hasselt (BE)
Photos: Selma Gurbuz


Installation view at  Museum of Humor and Satire
2022, Gabrovo (BG)
Photo: Rosina Pencheva

Installation view at KUNSTpause
2022, Zug (CH)
Photo: Phillippe Hubler Fotografie

0727 Kopie.jpg