"люблю, цілую, обіймаю (love, kiss, hug you) – Revisiting Motherland"

It's the first time I show these works after the war. A lot has changed in the world and inside myself. I realized that Motherland is not as abstract as I thought it was. Motherland is community, Motherland is where your loved ones are, Motherland is Ukraine. In this installation the individual stories of the pieces are not that important, you don’t have to know who is represented by which costume or what it is about. This is a battlefield. Being far away from the physical battlefield, it is rather a metaphorical one, that goes on inside my head: Who am I, and where do I come from?

I come from Ukraine, I’m a queer immigrant. This would be the easiest answer. This answer is not the essence though, that is rather the layers and expectations that come with it. I thought a lot about how I can continue my artistic practice and research, as things are changing. There are things I don’t believe in anymore, things I’m ashamed of, and things I want to forget. Love, kiss, hug you, those are things we say as a goodbye on the phone, to our loved ones in Ukraine. I’m saying goodbye to a past, but also hello to a future.


Mixed media installation
Size variable 
At Morpho for Antwerp Queer Art Festival