National Gallery

This installation was especially made for Marc Lauwers A Livig Gallery during To Be Antwerp 2021. Inspired by the two old Flemish portraits upstairs, I decided to make my personal National Gallery. 


Exhibition view - vitrine downstairs
Acrylic on curtain 5 x 3 meters (after Bruegel)
Chalk on floor (poem by TS Eliot)



Exhibition view - upstairs art room
Lambda print, wood frame, vintage lace, embroidery
Close - 56 x 62 cm 
Far - 50 x 60 cm

The two paintings in the middle belong to the gallery.  
Portrait of a Nobleman - Adam Von Noort, 1616
Portrait of a Lady - Anonymous, 1630

St. Sebastian
Lambda print, wood frame, metal 
62 x 84 cm


Drawings (next to curtain)
Pencil on vintage paper
Different sizes

John the Baptist Poster (Staircase)
Color pencil on old map
50 x 80 cm