Europe Protect And Save Us & National Gallery

This two installation were especially made for Marc Lauwers A Livig Gallery during To Be Antwerp 2021. 

Europe Protect And Save Us


Exhibition view - vitrine downstairs
Acrylic on curtain 5 x 3 meters (after Bruegel)
Chalk on floor (poem by TS Eliot)
2021 Antwerp (BE)



Drawings (next to curtain)
Pencil on vintage paper
Different sizes

John the Baptist Poster (Staircase)
Color pencil on old map
50 x 80 cm

Triggered by the current global events, I decided to highlight an issue which is not very visible. During the pandemic, a strong increase of hate crime against queer people has occurred, not only in Eastern Europe but also in more ‘liberal’ courtiers in the West. Inspired by the Dancing Plague of Strasbourg  and Bruegel, I combined it with lovers who turned in to plants in Greek mythology and the writing of TS Eliot.

National Gallery

Marc Lauwers told me, that the National Gallery in Antwerp was intrested in the two old Flemish portraits upstairsb, but he doesn't want to sell.

So, I decided to make my personal National Gallery upstairs.


Exhibition view - upstairs art room
Lambda print, wood frame, vintage lace, embroidery
Close - 56 x 62 cm 
Far - 50 x 60 cm
2021 Antwerp

The two paintings in the middle belong to the gallery.  
Portrait of a Nobleman - Adam Von Noort, 1616
Portrait of a Lady - Anonymous, 1630


St. Sebastian
Lambda print, wood frame, metal 
62 x 84 cm